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Acana Complete Dry Kitten Food First Feast Chicken & Fish 1.8kg

Acana Complete Dry Kitten Food First Feast Chicken & Fish 1.8kg

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Acana goes above and beyond in crafting their dog and cat food, including sourcing high quality animal proteins like fresh or raw* poultry, meats and wild-caught fish. Their recipes are also balanced with fresh vegetables, fruits and botanicals to help your dog and cat live a full and healthy life.

Every Acana recipe includes: At least 50%**quality animal ingredients, recipes balanced with fresh vegetables, fruit, botanicals and nutrients, added vitamins and minerals, natural preservatives and probiotics and a delicious variety of recipes and a range of options to suit every dog and cat.

Their recipes never include: Artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and no soy, corn, tapioca or wheat ingredients added in their kitchens.

Acana provides nutrition they need and flavour they will love.

Acana First Feast is an ideal option for growing kittens. Crafted with 70%* small prey animal ingredients it is high in protein, fat and calories.

Features and benefits:

  • Eye and brain development: taurine, EPA and DHA are important for the growth and development of healthy cognitive and retinal function;
  • Strong muscle and bone growth: high-quality protein supports muscle and bone growth and development;
  • Healthy skin and coat: balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids support healthy skin and a shiny coat;
  • Craveable taste: small prey animal ingredients and infusions of liver provide a burst of flavour that kittens love.

  • *Approximate and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients.

    Suitable for kittens.


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